Đà Nẵng TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

Unlike other hotels, TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach offers a unique and distinctive experience compared to other beachfront hotels. Here, guests can fully enjoy the abundant energy and contemporary lifestyle at reasonable prices, along with unique and innovative designs. Join Richta Travel to explore more in the article below.

TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach Introduction

TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach is a luxurious 5-star hotel with a contemporary flair. Situated at 292 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang, our hotel offers a prime location that grants easy access to the renowned My Khe Beach and other popular tourist destinations. 

TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach is more than just a place to stay, it also offers a harmonious blend of outstanding amenities and services that will elevate your experience to new heights.. Guests can enjoy the modern spa, a well-equipped gym, a Japanese restaurant, a rooftop glass-bottom pool, and a stylish Sky Pool Bar. At TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach, we strive to create the perfect environment for an ideal and fulfilling stay for our valued guests.

Architectural design of the rooms at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

The apartments at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach are built in a youthful and modern European style. Step into a tranquil oasis where each room is adorned with nature-inspired hues, from enchanting shades of floral purple to refreshing tones of lush green and soothing hints of oceanic blue. Experience a harmonious blend of modern design and serene ambiance, as these spaces invite guests to indulge in a truly captivating and immersive stay.

At TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach, over 80% of the apartments offer direct views of My Khe Beach. Every single room has been meticulously designed to embrace natural light and create a sense of spaciousness and richness. The talented architects have skillfully intertwined simplicity and sophistication, harmonizing modest yet contemporary color schemes. With this distinctive design concept, guests are assured of a truly serene and tranquil retreat in the heart of the bustling coastal city of Da Nang.

The accommodation system at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

All the apartments and guest rooms at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach are meticulously designed with a contemporary and elegant touch, offering breathtaking views of the sea. Each unit presents a distinct and refined ambiance, featuring a diverse range of sizes to cater to the individual preferences and requirements of our esteemed guests.

Our accommodations are fully equipped with modern amenities, including a minibar, coffee machine, sofa, flat-screen TV, telephone, air conditioning, and etc.

The first glass-bottom swimming pool in Vietnam

Imagine yourself swimming in the first-ever glass-bottom swimming pool in Vietnam. It’s a truly unforgettable experience that awaits you at TMS Hotel Da Nang. Here, swimming is not just a leisure activity but also a thrilling adventure for those who seek novelty and uniqueness. The transparent pool, suspended in mid-air, offers a breathtaking setting that will leave a lasting impression on you. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this extraordinary experience at TMS Hotel Da Nang.

If you are currently organizing a visit to Da Nang and have yet to determine your accommodation, we highly recommend considering TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach. With its exceptional offerings and prime location, it presents itself as an outstanding choice for your stay. Contact Richta Travel to book your room and embark on a fascinating vacation.

Nearby amenities TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

My Khe Beach
Dragon Bridge
Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son)
Da Nang International Airport

On-site facilities TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

On – site amenities at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

Elegant restaurant: 

TMS Da Nang Hotel Beach features a sophisticated restaurant that serves a variety of delicious and high-quality dishes. The restaurant’s exquisite and modern ambiance offers the best culinary experience for guests.

Infinity pool

On scorching summer days, immerse yourself in the refreshing water of the infinity pool that extends towards the vast ocean, and indulge in a glass of cocktail. This is truly a paradise where you can experience absolute tranquility that permeates from your mind to your heart.

Mélangé Spa

After hours of fun and entertainment, when fatigue sets in, it’s time to recharge yourself for the rest of your vacation. At Mélangé Spa, guests are treated to comprehensive health care with advanced therapies and treatments, ensuring a rejuvenating experience during their stay.

Kids Club

At the Kids Club, children are cared for by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff. The club offers a variety of engaging activities and games, bringing laughter and joy to the little ones.

Sky Pool Bar

Travelers can enjoy exquisite cocktails at the sophisticated Sky Pool Bar. For those who appreciate a lighter option, we invite you to indulge in the delightful experience of sipping a cup of romantic afternoon tea.

List of amenities TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

Phòng tắm
Giấy vệ sinh
Khăn tắm
Chậu rửa vệ sinh (bidet)
Bồn tắm hoặc Vòi sen
Phòng tắm riêng
Đồ vệ sinh cá nhân miễn phí
Áo choàng tắm
Máy sấy tóc
Vòi sen
Phòng ngủ
Ra trải giường
Tủ hoặc phòng để quần áo
Phòng khách
Ghế sofa
Khu vực tiếp khách
Bàn làm việc
Ngoài trời
Sân thượng/ hiên
View phòng
Nhìn ra thành phố
Nhìn ra biển
Truyền thông & Công nghệ
Wi-fi có ở các phòng khách sạn và miễn phí
Lau dọn
Dọn phòng hàng ngày
Bàn ủi li quần
Dịch vụ là (ủi) Phụ phí
Giặt khô
Giặt ủi Phụ phí
Doanh nhân
Trung tâm dịch vụ doanh nhân
Tiện nghi tổ chức hội họp/tiệc Phụ phí
An ninh
Bình chữa cháy
Thiết bị báo cháy
Hồ bơi ngoài trời
Tất cả hồ bơi đều miễn phí
Chăm sóc sức khỏe
Trung tâm Spa & chăm sóc sức khoẻ Phụ phí
Đồ ăn - Thức uống
Quầy bar
Dịch vụ phòng
Lễ tân
Có xuất hóa đơn
Nhận/trả phòng riêng
Giữ hành lí
Thu đổi ngoại tệ
Nhận/trả phòng cấp tốc Phụ phí
Lễ tân 24 giờ
Ngôn ngữ
Tiếng Anh
Các loại hạng phòng
Liên hệ ngay để được cập nhật giá chính xác nhất

Premier Suite City View (Twin/Double)

  • Size: 45 m2 
  • Bed: 2 Single Beds / 1 Double Bed 
  • View: City View

Premier Suite Partial Ocean (Twin/Double)

  • Size: 45 m2 
  • Bed: 2 Single Beds / 1 Double Bed 
  • View: Partial Ocean View

Premier Suite Oceanfront (Twin/Double)

  • Size: 45 m2 
  • Bed: 2 Single Beds / 1 Double Bed 
  • View: Oceanfront View

Family Suite 2-bedroom Ocean View

  • Size: 70 m2 
  • Bedroom 1: 1 Extra Large Double Bed 
  • Bedroom 2: 1 Large Double Bed 
  • View: Ocean View

Grand Suite 2-bedroom Connecting Ocean View

  • Size: 70 m2 
  • Bedroom 1: 1 Extra Large Double Bed 
  • Bedroom 2: 1 Large Double Bed 
  • View: Ocean View